I had been working for four days and I am exhausted but I finally got a day off for two days.
I didn't do anything special. Yesterday, I went skateboading. It was a great exercise to forget about my problems and I didn't have to think about my work too much.
When I went drinking with my friends one of them wanted to play video games with me.
So we hung out to play video games in my room all night.
Then I had to go back to work again.
Today, I went shopping for some food.
There is supermarket near the my house which was very convenient!
Before I went to Toronto, I didn't cook much but now I'll have to cook for myself.
It's cheaper than eating out!
I also realised that my mother is great and sometimes I missed the food that my family cooked.
I have never thought about that before.
Even though there are many Japanese restraunts here the food still tastes different for me.

Anyway, I coudn't study English recently because I got a job last week and I had to get used to it.
But I'm trying to make time writing diary!


Today was my first day working at the Japanese noodles restaurant and the chef taught me how to cook the noodles.
I was so tired, I couldnt concentrate on listening to her. There was a lot in the menu and I didn't really know how to cook, not even Ramen. I just like to eat.

That restaurant is very popular here in Toronto. There are many people who comes there and it's always crowded. The workers didn't have enough time to teach me properly. I couldn't really do anything. I thought that I shouldn't do anything for now since I might be a bother. I did learn some new information from them.

For now I needed to clear my head. Now, I'm reconsidering my choice of working in a Japanese restaurant. Nobody spoke English there and it's not good for my English. I don't need an environment like that.

After work, my friends cooked hamburger steak and it was very tasty. I felt better after even though my work was hard.


Today I was studying at the library again
When I smoked outside the library a man asked me if he could borrow a lighter.
At first, I thought he was homeless but he wasn't. He was from Germany and has been working in Toronto for about two years as a business for furniture.
We were talking about Toronto and I found that he was really kind because he kept on encouraging me to study English. I was inspired by him because his first language was Germany. Along with English, he also studied other languages such as French,Italian, blah blah blah... He told me that instead of just speaking, I needed to act more!

After studying I went to a concert bar.
That place was great. Many local people went there and I wanted to make connection as a musician. The band who performed did amazing. After their performance, I brought my CD and gave it to them. They were really happy to get our CD for free and we exchanged FB accounts. I just wanted to let them know about my band, even if it's just the name. Overall today was a nice experience for me.


Today I went to the library to study. I couldn't study English recently because of moving into a new room. My friend who is a vocalist for my band and I were going to rent two rooms on May 24. When we arrived at the new house, we were surprised to find out that the landlord only prepared one bedroom for the both of us. Eventually, we accepted the fact that we had to share one room together until June 1st. Since we didn't have a lot of privacy, I felt restless. That's why I didn't write daily. We have to stay together for a few more days.


Today, I went to language school, and one of my friends invited me to go to an Indian temple in Toronto. I didn't think much about Indian origins before she invited me. Since it was 2 days before graduation, I couldn't say no, besides, I wanted to make some good memories while I'm still in school, so why not? I looked up some information about the Indian gods and I was amused by the story. I can't explain how strange and funny it was. Anyway, I went to the temple and it took me about an hour by bus just to get there from school.

It was located in the countryside so there weren't any buildings around. When I arrived, I saw the big temple, which almost looked like a castle. The temple was mostly white in color. It was beautiful. When I entered, the inside was mostly made out of wood and I guess it was all made by hand. I was surprised to know that Indians had great skills.