Today, I went to language school, and one of my friends invited me to go to an Indian temple in Toronto. I didn't think much about Indian origins before she invited me. Since it was 2 days before graduation, I couldn't say no, besides, I wanted to make some good memories while I'm still in school, so why not? I looked up some information about the Indian gods and I was amused by the story. I can't explain how strange and funny it was. Anyway, I went to the temple and it took me about an hour by bus just to get there from school.

It was located in the countryside so there weren't any buildings around. When I arrived, I saw the big temple, which almost looked like a castle. The temple was mostly white in color. It was beautiful. When I entered, the inside was mostly made out of wood and I guess it was all made by hand. I was surprised to know that Indians had great skills.