Today I was studying at the library again
When I smoked outside the library a man asked me if he could borrow a lighter.
At first, I thought he was homeless but he wasn't. He was from Germany and has been working in Toronto for about two years as a business for furniture.
We were talking about Toronto and I found that he was really kind because he kept on encouraging me to study English. I was inspired by him because his first language was Germany. Along with English, he also studied other languages such as French,Italian, blah blah blah... He told me that instead of just speaking, I needed to act more!

After studying I went to a concert bar.
That place was great. Many local people went there and I wanted to make connection as a musician. The band who performed did amazing. After their performance, I brought my CD and gave it to them. They were really happy to get our CD for free and we exchanged FB accounts. I just wanted to let them know about my band, even if it's just the name. Overall today was a nice experience for me.