Today was my first day working at the Japanese noodles restaurant and the chef taught me how to cook the noodles.
I was so tired, I couldnt concentrate on listening to her. There was a lot in the menu and I didn't really know how to cook, not even Ramen. I just like to eat.

That restaurant is very popular here in Toronto. There are many people who comes there and it's always crowded. The workers didn't have enough time to teach me properly. I couldn't really do anything. I thought that I shouldn't do anything for now since I might be a bother. I did learn some new information from them.

For now I needed to clear my head. Now, I'm reconsidering my choice of working in a Japanese restaurant. Nobody spoke English there and it's not good for my English. I don't need an environment like that.

After work, my friends cooked hamburger steak and it was very tasty. I felt better after even though my work was hard.