I had been working for four days and I am exhausted but I finally got a day off for two days.
I didn't do anything special. Yesterday, I went skateboading. It was a great exercise to forget about my problems and I didn't have to think about my work too much.
When I went drinking with my friends one of them wanted to play video games with me.
So we hung out to play video games in my room all night.
Then I had to go back to work again.
Today, I went shopping for some food.
There is supermarket near the my house which was very convenient!
Before I went to Toronto, I didn't cook much but now I'll have to cook for myself.
It's cheaper than eating out!
I also realised that my mother is great and sometimes I missed the food that my family cooked.
I have never thought about that before.
Even though there are many Japanese restraunts here the food still tastes different for me.

Anyway, I coudn't study English recently because I got a job last week and I had to get used to it.
But I'm trying to make time writing diary!